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9 Ways To Make Money From Home

MoneyMaking from homeYou may not want to start a full blown business but there are many opportunities for making extra money at home. Perhaps you're the stay at home parent, retired, a college student, or a full time worker who just wants some more disposable income.

All you really have to do is provide a service, and with Facebook and other social media platforms bringing local and disparate communities together, it has never been easier to market yourself.

Here are some ways to start earning more:

1. Cake Making and Decorating

This isn't perhaps something you want to do on a large scale due to hygiene and safety regulations (though there's no reason why you can't meet them). But if you're an excellent baker and artistic in nature, there's definitely money to be made by making cakes for your friends' weddings and special occasions. If you're willing to price yourself below the professionals you'll be greatly appreciated. Once you have your first happy customer word of mouth and online reviews will travel fast. Perhaps you might then want to make it your full time gig?

2. Online Selling

Whether it's Ebay, Amazon or your local Facebook group, there are endless opportunities to sell products to people online. This can be the digital equivalent of a yard sale or you could start importing goods from China and treat it like a business. Sites like Ali Express allow you to do this with ease and if you do your research you are sure to find something that you can mark up. Of course it's illegal to sell fake goods, but unbranded items are perfectly acceptable. If you start making some serious cash however be sure to let the tax man know!

3. Do Errands

In today's fast paced society people are always overloaded with errands. Why not take on some of their load? The professional name for this type of activity is a concierge, and can involve tasks such as picking up the laundry, making travel bookings, doing shopping, and literally anything else that people are too busy to do.

4. Freelancing

If you have some basic skills such as writing ability, photoshop and graphic design, video editing etc, there are many corners of the internet where you can provide your services as a Freelancer. Fiverr for example allows you to promote your service for free for the base price of $5. As long as you can meet deadlines and not take on a project that is too difficult for you, there is certainly money to be made. Once you begin to get a positive reputation the sky's the limit.

5. Administrative and Secretarial

With the rise of the internet, remote assistants and secretaries have become commonplace and a great way to make money from home. While larger companies will still want somebody on site, smaller firms, remote teams, and even individuals are happy to take somebody on over the web. Tasks might include answering emails, taking phone calls, transcribing conference calls, customer support, basic data entry - the list is endless.

6. Web Design

Web design is one of those fields that does not require a degree. As long as you can demonstrate your ability with a portfolio and have a way to market the service, anyone can start creating websites for people. You can go at it alone from your own social media page or website, or use a Freelancer site like Fiverr. Remember however that making a nice design is only half the battle, you need to have good communications skills and patience, as clients are prone to changing their minds or wanting tweaks to the finished product. You also need to be hip to the latest Google webmaster guidelines. A site may look good but it's useless if Google doesn't like it.

7. Tax Preparer

You don't necessarily have to be a professional accountant or tax expert to make extra income as a tax preparer. There are many courses by the likes of H&R Block, that can teach you online and help you navigate the various tax software programs. When tax season comes around you can make a lot of seasonal income by helping people file their returns. If you're committed you can even make a career out of it.

8. Virtual Nursing

If you're retired nurse, a stay at home parent, or simply dislike hospital hours, why not consider doing virtual nursing? As the name suggests this is nursing from home, over the phone or internet. The primary employer is the insurance industry who require experts to answer patient questions and concerns regarding their medication and medical problems. You may also find opportunities on WebMD style websites where people seek advice and self diagnosis.

9. Blogging

Most people who blog or run websites do not make a living, however anyone can make extra money by writing about their hobbies or creating a fun community. The easiest option to make money is to run banner or text advertisements alongside your content. These will pay you on a per view or per click basis, so the more people that visit your site the more money you will make. You can also promote products related to the subject of your site for sales commission. This is known as affiliate marketing.

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